Who are we?

Ordis Studios brings you some of the most entertaining, funny, and most bizarre podcasts on the internet, while creating a family of listeners, podcasters, and weirdos to share our convictions with.

Led by the comedic true crime & paranormal show, Even the Podcast is Afraid, Ordis Studios, a podcast network & production company out of Wetumpka, Alabama. Aims to create & produce podcast shows with interesting & sometimes bizarre topics, all while adding a host of programming from other fantastic podcast creators, who share the same passion of creation, entertainment, & individuality. The shows currently on the roster dive elbow deep into true crime, the paranormal, the unexplained, oddities, folklore, creepy pasta, horror, and so much more!




Jared Ordis

Owner, Producer, & Host


Jared is the founder & owner of Ordis Studios, a podcasting production company, producer, & host of Even the Podcast is Afraid & Southern Oddities. born and raised in Alabama, a true Southerner with a passion for the arts, storytelling, cooking, & podcasting. He has always had a fascination with the strange & the weird, poring over history, true crime, and the paranormal since childhood. While producing his own shows and others, Jared has also been guests on other podcast shows, YouTube, GetVokl, and featured in Rue Morgue Magazine, Podcast Magazine, PodFluence, and Rabbit in Red.


Stephanie Kemmerer

Researcher & Writer


Stephanie Kemmerer, is the elbow deep researcher & writer for Even the Podcast is Afraid & other shows within the Ordis Studios Podcast Network. Formerly of Bethlehem, PA, Stephanie has lived in California since 2015. Stephanie's brings her writing skills to the show,and with her interests in history, true crime, and the occult it helps make our tales more accurate. Stephanie has been pulished twice by "Skeptical Inquirer" Magazine in 2014 & 2021, and was part of an episode of "Skeptical Inquirer Presents" in 2021.


Nick Porchetta

Podcast Host & Co-Host


Nick Porchetta, co-host of Even the Podcast is Afraid, host of the upcoming podcast Magical Land of Canada, occasional Twitch Streamer, & former sports journalist from a major network, helms from the mystic land of Canada, with his love of hockey and Pokemon, Nick brings a bit of humor to the show. Nick has a fond interest in the creation and workings of cults, and is considered by most, a skeptic in the paranormal.


Kristine Levine

Podcast Host 


Kristine Levine, is an American comedian, actor, radio host, and author best known for performing in the sketch comedy television series Portlandia, and the narrative documentary about stand-up comics, Doug Stanhope's the Unbookables. Kristine hosts & co-produces the upcoming Ordis Studios Original podcast show, 'Found Dead with Kristine Levine'.

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Samantha Vazquez

Podcast Host & Co-Host


Samantha Vazquez, co-host of Even the Podcast is Afraid & one half of the YouTube video only podcast "Wicked Sisters", comes to us from the sunshine state of Florida. Sam is obsessed with anything having to do with horror, folklore, and the paranormal, from movies and games to the stories that keep us up at night, Samantha is the queen of horror!


Ariana Acs

Podcast Host 


Ariana Acs, the other half The Wicked Sisters, knows that from horror to gore, there’s nothing too scary out there. Whether it’s her comfort movie House of 1000 Corpses, to scary killer Klownz that go bump in the night, she never ends her day without dipping into something spooky at least once!